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  • Exploring Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe Seminar
    2018-06-08 20:57:11

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8 June 2018, HKEMUA organized a seminar on "Exploring Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe" with the Zimbabwe Consulate-General HKSAR/Macao SAR PRc. It is our honour to have Mr. Alfred Mutiwazuka, the Consul General of Zimbabwe HKSAR/Macao SAR PRC, as the guest speaker of the seminar.
Mr. Alfred Mutiwazuka, the Consul General of Zimbabwe HKSAR/Macao SAR PRC, shared the latest information on:

‧ Investment Policy of Zimbabwe
‧ Currency Polciy of Zimbabwe
‧ Taxation Policy of Zimbabwe
‧ Initiative to Foreign Investors to Zimbabwe
‧ Special Economic Zone Projects in Zimbabwe
‧ Trading Projects in Zimbabwe
‧ Tourism Projects in Zimbabwe

to the senior management representatives from Consulate General and Commercial Chambers of different regions in Hong Kong, Listed Coporates, Financing Institutions, Legal Firms, Accoutings & Auditing Firms
The representatives from the institutions enthusiastically participated in the "Question and Answer Session" concerning the issues on:

1. The Future Blueprints of Infrastructure of Zimbabwe
2. The Passengers or Cargo Transportation Systems in Zimbabwe
3. The Currency Control Policy in Zimbabwe
4. The Current Exportation of Minerals to China from Zimbabwe, etc.



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