Professional Service Matching for Exploring Business Opportunities !


Projects & Trading Marching Services
Matching the members to their potential new partners, investors and customers﹕

1. Contact with Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of 
    Commerce and energy & mining entreprises in different
    regions to collect energy and mining projects / trading
    information and release to our members for exploiting
    new projects or merging and acquisition.

2. We broaden the spectrum of partners and investors for
    member entreprisesby promoting their new projects
    information to Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of
    Commerce and energy & mining entreprises in different

3. We match sellers and purchasers by internal sharing of
    products and merchandising information of member



   Office Support Services
   Providing a great variety of office support services﹕
   1. Incorporation of Hong Kong Limited Company
   2. Incorporation of Offshore Limited Company
   3. Company Secretarial Service
   4. Registered Office Address
   5. Mail Collection
   6. Virtual Office

 Professional Services Refferal
 Provide a great variety of professional services refferal﹕
1. Broker services
  2. Legal services
  3. Accounting and Tax Services
  4. Notary Service
  5. Insurance Services
  6. Coporate Listing Services



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