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  • 【Webinar】The Silk Road Webinar Series 2020- Post Pandemic Development:Hong Kong and the World
    2020-04-21 16:24:26

Dear members and friends,
How will the post pandemic economic development go ahead in Hong Kong and the world?

Dr. Thomas Chan will share with you in our forth coming Webinar:

“The Silk Road Webinar Series 2020”
Post Pandemic Development:
Hong Kong and the World

Webinar Details
Organizers:   Hong Kong Energy, Mining And Commodities Association
                      Silk Road Economic Development Research Center
Topic:            Post pandemic development: Hong Kong and the world
Speaker:       Dr. Thomas M.H. Chan
                     Director, One Belt One Road Research Institute
                     Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Date:             24th April 2020
Time:            12:00noon to 12:30pm
Language:     English



For the login details of the Webinar, please email:  info@hkemca.biz